Alexithymia is a short documentary film directed by Duncan Cowles, completed at the start of 2017.

What’s it like to feel no emotion?

A young filmmaker questions how he connects to his emotions, by talking to a stranger online who can’t feel any. This stranger suffers from ‘Alexithymia’, which is a condition most simply described as ‘Emotional Blindness’, it’s the inability to identify and describe emotions in the self.

03/2017 – Glasgow Short Film Festival, Scotland (UK)
04/2017 – Flatpack Film Festival, Birmingham (UK)
09/2017 – Open City Documentary Festival, London (UK) *NOMINATED* – Best UK Short 2017
09/2017 – Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival, Bristol, (UK)
11/2017 – Aesthetica Short Film Festival, York (UK)

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Director: Duncan Cowles
Featuring: Robert Dennys
Editor: Shaun Glowa
Original Score: Alex Cowles/Stillhead
Sound Mix: Keith Duncan
Colourist: Will Anderson

Completed: January 2017
Length: 10minutes
Production Company: Relative Films Ltd

Posted on: 1st February, 2017

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