Africa in Motion Film Festival 2013

This year I worked as Edinburgh/Glasgow Filming Co-ordinator for Africa in Motion Film Festival. 

I organised the filming of events in both Edinburgh & Glasgow, co-ordinating a small team of dedicated volunteers. I personally attended and filmed most of the largest events conducting interviews and filming Q&A’s. I was helped by Rebecca Raab, David Carrillo & Marie Laverre who assisted me with recording sound and in some situations  camera work. Edinburgh Stills photography was done by Monika Szczepaniak (Tribeca Photography) & Glasgow Stills Photography was done by Beth Chalmers.

I also conducted two interviews with filmmakers on behalf of the British Council.

Below and above are some of the films I produced during the festival.

AiM 2013 Opening Night – Twende from Africa in Motion on Vimeo.

Mark Cousins talks ‘Africa in Motion 2013’ from Africa in Motion on Vimeo.

AiM Short Film Competition 2013 from Africa in Motion on Vimeo.

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