DVD Design & Build

My  now ex-girlfriend Farah Ahmad studies animation at ECA. I created her DVD Showreel for her using DVD Studio Pro 4.

Farah gave me an idea of the kind of DVD she was looking for, asking for something simple, bright and easy to navigate. I designed a basic DVD that would not be difficult to work on both DVD players and Computers. I kept it very simple and clean. A nice bright white background, clear font and visible light green highlight over the selected buttons. Using one of Farah’s Cat animations on the main homepage gives a hint of character and Farah’s style.

After designing the DVD, I built it using DVD Studio Pro, using Final Cut to create the Cat loop, and Soundtrack Pro for the audio loop. I put the whole thing together, making sure all the video performed at optimum quality and that all the menu’s functioned properly.

It was refreshing creating a new design, different from my own personal DVD showreel that I designed and built last year for my film/photography work.

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