EIFF – 2012

This year I worked as Videotheque Supervisor in the Film Festival, (a small step up from last year’s title of Videotheque Assistant.)

I didn’t get a chance to see as many films as I would’ve liked but here’s a run down of the best three;


Future My Love

My favourite documentary this year from ex-Edinburgh College of Art student Maja Borg. This film is a perfect example of the kind of fresh exciting documentaries that we should be making more of. I loved the balance of personal and informative content.


The Ambassador

A documentary that at times was confusing, but for the most part is engaging in taking you on a dangerous journey into central Africa to try and expose the illegal Blood Diamond trade.


Killer Joe

This year’s opening film got me a bit too excited about the future of Mathew McConaughey films. A great shock film, in many ways similar to the likes of American Psycho.


I also got a chance to attend a panel discussion on Danish Documentary which was incredibly interesting.

Al Morrow, Helle Faber, Peter Engel & Emma Davie.



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