Glasgow Short Film Festival 2013

This February I attended Glasgow Short Film Festival for the second time. Last year I showed The Lady with the Lamp for the first time. This year I showed Soft Toffee, an experimental documentary I co-directed with Anita Norfolk.

Soft Toffee – Trailer from Duncan Cowles on Vimeo.

The film went down well with a sold-out screening on the Friday night.

EyeforFilm gave the film three and a half stars stating “this is interesting work, and you should look forward to further output from those involved.” (Robertson, 2013, EyeforFilm).

Read the whole review here.

Photo - Stuart Crawford

Photo – Stuart Crawford

I had a great time over the four days and was hugely impressed with the majority of what I saw. In particular a couple of documentary highlights were;

Trans (2012) by Mark Chapman. An experimental documentary that’s style and content really inspired me.


Through Ellen’s Ears (Door de Oren Van Ellen, 2011) by Saskia Gubbels. An 18 minute documentary that was filmed so cinematically you’d mistake it as fiction if it hadn’t been stated as a documentary.

Through Ellen’s Ears from Hollandse Helden on Vimeo.


There was also a great selection of animation work from Scotland & abroad. All that Glisters, I am Tom Moody, Tea Party, Seven Minutes in the Warsaw GhettoFear of Flying & Edmund was a Donkey are all incredible pieces of work. Not to mention Don Hertzfeldt’s masterpiece It’s such a Beautiful Day

There was a lot of great fiction work too – Dollface, Carino & Foxy and Marina to name just a few.

Met some great people at the festival, too many to mention, and hope to attend in future years. Massive thanks to GSFF for screening and supporting my work.




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