Music Video – Richard Luke: Silent Story (Alt Version)

Shortly after collaborating on my short film In the Company of Insects, Richard Luke hired me to make a music video for a reworking of Silent Story from their stunning album ‘Glass Island’ from 2019.

Silent Story – Alternative Version was to make up one of the tracks on the Glass Island Reworked album released May 2020. I’m really proud to be associated with Richard Luke and it was a pleasure creating this short music video.

The music video probably looks like it was shot during lockdown, as it was entirely filmed in my own house. However, it was made prior to the 2020 COVID19 lockdown. I must admit… if I’d known I was about to be spending 9+ weeks inside, I may have delayed my filming a little to give myself more to do in isolation.

To accompany the music video and give some insight into the inspiration behind it, I wrote a little ‘silent story’ of my own:

“When I was younger I used to play with LEGO. Every figure had their own name, characteristics and storyline. For a child with few friends, it provided a world that was safe, and my own. The only real thing that scared me when I was playing… was it being accidentally vacuumed by my Mum. The sound it would make being violently sucked up the tube… Oh god… I can still hear it now. A brutal end. Twenty years later and I’m still not over it. Parents… please be careful when vacuuming around LEGO. Your kids will never forgive you.”

Listen to Richard Luke’s Glass Island (Reworked) album on Spotify Below (or any of your preferred platforms here) :



Richard Luke
Violin by Amira Bedrush-McDonald
Film by Duncan Cowles
© Moderna Records 2020.

Posted on: 18th May, 2020

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