Photographed a Wedding

Last Saturday I expierenced photographing a wedding for the first time. I worked in a team of three; Richie Laurie (pictured below), Gavin Dougan and myself. Richie was in charge under his company Richie Laurie Photography. Him and Gavin tackled the “big” photos whilst I picked up action shots, arty table shots and pictures of the guests. Shooting these type’s of shots suited me great for two main reasons. One, it’s my first wedding and wouldn’t want to the pressure of the “money” shots. Also shooting action shots suit’s my style of film making. With a great interest in documentary film making, I brought this into my wedding work.

I feel that when a wedding is photographed you want two main types of photographs:

– The “big” shots of the couple, main family etc… for framing, and to give out to the family etc…

– Action shot’s documenting the day. You want to be able to photograph the thing’s you might not remember happening. You want to be able to remember conversations had, people laughing. You want to be able to see thing’s you didn’t get a chance to see.

Working in a team of three allowed us to cover the event fully. I enjoy taking the action shots as it allows a lot of experimentation and unexpected results. Some of the best photos I got were bleached with light coming from a flash of a guest’s camera, or the looks that a wife gives to their husband when he spills a drink down his top.

I learnt a lot from the shoot and ill be aiming to sort a few issue’s I had for the next time I shoot. My edits will be on-line at some point, @ my Flickr Site.

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