Post-EIFF 2011 Thoughts

Now that a bit of time has passed since the 2011 Edinburgh International Film Festival, I’ve had time to think back and consider my highlights. I saw 13 feature films and 46 short films.

The 13 Features were:

The Guard, Calvet, Bombay Beach, Page 8, King of Devil’s Island, The Last Circus, My Brothers, Our Day Will Come, The Bang Bang Club, Perfect Sense, Bobby Fisher Against the World, Troubadours and Sound it Out.

I can’t remember all the 46 shorts, but there were some amazing animations. What really interested me was the ‘Animated Realities’ category, which combined documentary and animation to create some really effective results.

My Top 3 Features

1. Calvet

A stunning documentary which moved me to tears. Meeting Calvet himself later the same day was a pleasure and added to the already incredible film. IMDB.

2. King of Devil’s Island

Great Norwegian film. IMDB.

3. Our Day Will Come

A unique cinema experience. A truly exciting, funny, shocking and original film. IMDB.

It was a good year, that I enjoyed thoroughly. Hopefully I’ll be involved again next year.

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