Make Your Own (Fake) News - Flatpack 2017 from Duncan Cowles on Vimeo.

Workshop – Make Your Own (Fake) News

It’s easy to believe the things we see on TV, but this drop-in workshop shows you how simple it is to manipulate the things people say through simple editing. Create and walk away with your own funny 1 minute ‘fake news’ clip – you’ll never look at the media in the same way again. Workshop led by recent BAFTA Scotland award-winning documentary filmmaker Duncan Cowles.

“Duncan’s workshop was a terrific addition to our family programme. Innovative and unlike any other workshop we’d offered before, it has the ability to be either a fun, drop-in event for passers-by with almost instant results, or a more involved, pre-booked workshop for those who want to learn a little more about the process. Always engaging, Duncan has a natural ability with people and made all of the participants at ease, even when they were in the interview chair!”
– Sam Groves, Programmer, Flatpack Film Festival

Make Your Own (Fake) News Workshop at Flatpack Film Festival 2017

Make Your Own (Fake) News Workshop at Flatpack Film Festival 2017

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