BBC Scotland – A View from the Terrace – Put a Shift In

Duncan Cowles has directed x21 short VT films called Put a Shift In (aka Duncan & Duncan) for BBC Scotland TV show A View from the Terrace – An ‘irreverent look at the world of Scottish football.’

Each 5-8min short follows Duncan Mckay, a football enthusiast looking at and trying out different jobs at various football clubs in Scotland. Duncan is filmed by Duncan Cowles, a deadpan filmmaker who doesn’t really understand football, never having been to a match in his life… So far Duncan has tried out being a club mascot, ballboy, Tannoy announcer, been part of a goalkeeper training squad for the day, been the kit-man and the groundskeeper at various lower league clubs around Scotland.

A View from the Terrace was first broadcast on BBC Scotland, March 1st 2019 and is now entering it’s 5th season (as of September 2022). Put a Shift In (often referred to simply as ‘Duncan & Duncan’) is a long-standing regular VT and has featured in every series of the show to date. Many of the segments are available to view on Youtube (playlist above).

Broadcast Award 2020 – Best Sports Programme, A View from the Terrace (series)

‘The best football show on UK television by far’
The Observer

‘Quietly but bravely pushing boundaries’
The Scotsman

‘A breath of fresh air’
The Times

There are some selected clips below, and a playlist of available ‘Put a Shift In’ segments in the Youtube playlist above:



Director (Put a Shift In): Duncan Cowles
Featuring: Duncan McKay
Series Director (A View from the Terrace): Jordan Laird
Series Producer: Andy Maas
Editor: Erika Iesse
Broadcast: BBC Scotland
Production Company: Studio Something Productions Ltd

Posted on: 3rd April, 2019

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