Scary Adult Things

BBC Scotland has commissioned Duncan Cowles to do a 6-part TV series to explore millennial problems in an off-the-wall documentary series.

Scary Adult Things’, produced by Studio Something, follows Duncan as he hurtles into his 30’s, still living at home with his parents, he looks around at his peers and attempts to answer the question most millennials wrestle with, ‘am I doing this right?’

ALL episodes available on BBCiplayer from March 16th: 

Episodes 1-6 also airing twice a week on Monday nights at 10:30pm, and Saturday nights at 21:30pm on the BBC Scotland channel. Starting March 15th 2021.


(please note, some of these clips have been edited for online and so are different to how they appear within the series.)




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Series Director: Duncan Cowles
Series Producer: Andy Maas Editor: Erika Iesse Production Company: Studio Something, Relative Films
Executive Producer: Ian Greenhill and Jordan Laird Broadcaster: BBC Scotland
Broadcast: March - April 2021

Posted on: 27th September, 2020

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