TED: It's Not Amazing Enough from Duncan Cowles on Vimeo.

TED – It’s Not Amazing Enough

It’s Not Amazing Enough is a film I was commissioned by TED, to make and premiere at TED 2018: The Age of Amazement in Vancouver, April 2018.

Stylistically, a companion piece to my earlier Channel 4 short film Taking Stock, this film explores diminishing attention spans, the pressures to excel and perform in our careers and crippling self-doubt.





Nothing is ever good enough… or at least, that’s what we tell ourselves.

The pressures of having to make an amazing film send this deadpan deep-voiced filmmaker into a crippling spiral of self-doubt and comic indecision.

It’s Nice That




Directed by: Duncan Cowles

Music: Stillhead

Sound Mix: Keith Duncan

Commissioned by: TED

Length: 1.5minutes

Posted on: 15th April, 2018

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