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BBC Radio 4 – Short Cuts – Get Pierced

A short piece of radio I was commissioned to make for BBC Radio 4’s Short Cuts, presented by Josie Long.

The 10min piece I made is called Get Pierced, and follows my attempts to chase up a childhood letter I sent to Pierce Brosnan eighteen years ago that he never replied to.

Listen to the full episode here or subscribe to the podcast on itunes (for an extra podcast bonus snippet with my Mum).


Commissioned by: Eleanor McDowell at Falling Tree Productions for BBC Radio 4’s Short Cuts, presented by Josie Long.

Featured on: Short Cuts, Series 15, Episode 6/8, ‘The Answer’.

Written/Directed: Duncan Cowles

Featuring: Helen Cowles, Susie Drummond, Flora Donald, Will Anderson, Erin Coutts, Neil Alcock

Length: 10mins

First Broadcast: 20th February 2018, 3pm BBC Radio 4.

Posted on: 20th March, 2018

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