Soft Toffee

Soft Toffee is an experimental documentary short film I made with Anita Norfolk, an MA Film student at Edinburgh College of Art who used to work for Rockstar Games. We both directed, shot and edited the film for an experimental project we were assigned to do. We worked in collaboration with Nick Humphrey, a sound designer from Edinburgh University and a composer also from Edinburgh Uni, Callum Barton.

EXHIBITED at Edinburgh College of Art BA3 Mid Point Exhibition January 2012
SCREENED at Short Stop Experimental Film Evening – Inspace, Edinburgh
SCREENED at Ickle Film Festival 2012 – Dundee
SCREENED at Freshly Squeezed International Film Festival 2012 – Dublin (out of competition)
SCREENED at Glasgow Short Film Festival 2013
SCREENED at Fresh Air Film Festival, Edinburgh 2013.
SCREENED at Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2013
SCREENED at Paradise Found, Hastings, Dec 2013
SCREENED at DECAGRAM 1.1, Edinburgh Dec 2013

READ – Andrew Robertson’s review on EyeforFilm

“If your memories change – does your past change? The reliability of memory is questioned in this short film about a woman trying to remember a past love.”

gsff2013 - Soft ToffeeSoft Toffee - ASFF2013

Visuals from the film have also been used for my Brother’s record label Cut.

To view the film, or if you wish to screen the film please contact me via email:


Directed by Duncan Cowles & Anita Norfolk

Sound Design by Nick Humphrey

Composer - Callum Barton


Posted on: 29th March, 2012

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