Workshop – One Hour Improv Short Doc

First attempted on the 20th April, 2018 at Flatpack Film Festival in Birmingham with the description:

“Documentary filmmaker Duncan Cowles has never done this before. It could go horribly wrong, but whatever ensues, it’ll no doubt be quite funny.

What he is trying? To make a short documentary film, on stage, in one hour, with a little assistance from the audience. Exploring traditional documentary techniques including all the cliches, the audience will offer suggestions for themes, props and stories so Duncan can create something entirely bespoke during the 60 minutes. Will he be able to do it? Or will the whole thing be an abject failure? Part film, part theatre, part comedy performance, with a little interaction thrown in.”

This one hour short film/documentary workshop is a playful attempt to bring something lighthearted and fun to a film festival workshop lineup. Every time I’m booked to do the ‘One Hour Short Improv Doc’ event it is guaranteed to provide unexpected and unique results for whoever risks turning up.

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